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Learn OT/ICS Cybersecurity


Learn NIST 800-82 Risk Management Framework for OT Security -Part 2

Mastering Resilience: Applying NIST 800-82 for Robust Operational Technology Security

Master ICS/OT Cybersecurity: Fundamental to Advanced-Part 1

This course is comprehensive practical and conceptual, will help you to skill up.

Industrial Cyber Security Controls from IEC62443 for ICS/OT

Most subscribed course helps you to learn about 62443 in details and definetly will upskill you.

ICS/OT Cybersecurity All in One as per NIST Updated Part-1

This course will teach you NIST 800-82 theoretically, your knowledge will enhanced, it needs focus and attention to learn.

Master ICS/OT Cybersecurity: Fundamental to Advanced-Part 2

Its continuos from Master 1 course.

OT-ICS Cybersecurity SOC/SIEM Implementation with WSUS & AD

In this course you will learn to setup a OT SOC on prem/cloud for your plant or lab using security onion.

AI Mastery in OT Security: Securing ICS/OT Infrastructures

Get first-hand knowledge on the Evolving Threat Landscape in OT environments.Explore AI’s Potential in Cybersecurity a roadmap to innovation and resilience.

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